Nuclear Power Plants Control Rooms

We have the expertise and knowledge to design and manufacture custom control rooms for nuclear power plants for more than 20 years.

Every new nuclear power plant project has to meet specific seismic criteria’s depending on geographical location. Mauell GmbH has a database from previously manufactured control room components that can be used  for seismic analysis. If sufficient data is not available a actual seismic tests will be conducted using full size sheet metal control panels or control desks for evaluation and verification.

While nuclear power plants are very reliable and designed to operate for many years without incidents, nobody can ever predict the unforeseen. The accident or natural disaster at Fukushima, Japan, was a shocking example!  Due to this unfortunate event, Mauell GmbH has manufactured numerous emergency generator diesel control panels for many clients.

In April 1986, a catastrophic melt down occurred at the Chernobyl No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Ukraine. It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history!

Mauell GmbH has lately provided several mosaic display panels to monitor  the ongoing plant status.

Mauell GmbH is dedicated to provide the technology and service when ever needed!

Qualification of mosaic panels with seismic tests

Video: Vibration test of a control desk (1 horizontal axis)

Video: Vibration test of a control panel (3 axis)