Critical Action Panels – CAP’s

Critical action panels (CAPs) are hardwired safety panels installed in control rooms of oil and gas platforms. They are used as redundant backup for safe shutdown in cases where software systems could fail.
High quality switches, indicators and digital meters from well-known manufacturers are being implemented to achieve “SIL” certification if required. All cables are halogen free and flame retardant.
Since no two projects are alike; Mauell GmbH is specialized to manufacture custom made steel enclosures.

Critical action panels (CAPs) :
Turn-key solutions including all internal cabinet wiring can be provided.
Some of the Norwegian oil and gas platforms are in service since the mid 1970’ and it became difficult to support those older CAP panels.
Mauell GmbH is capable to provide switches and indicators to be fitted into most obsolete Mosaic System CAP and F&G panels to extend the life time even further.

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