Mosaic Control Panels and Control Room Solutions

Mosaic Control Panels and Control Room Solutions

Mauell GmbH mosaic control panels have been a long-standing preference for system overview displays and active switch boards for one big reason: The entire system can be observed at any time without extra steps. Operators instantly know where to look when a change in the system occurs, and with the use of mosaic tiles, they can easily replace or change an existing layout of the map board. Mauell’s custom-designed map boards provide the best return on investment as a situational awareness tool due to their extremely low cost of ownership and easy upkeep. Since its inception, Mauell GmbH has been the leader in mosaic tile control panels, with thousands of boards installed throughout the world.

Greater Visual Acuity – We use high-contrast imagery, making our mosaic panels easily viewable from all areas of the control room. By painting or printing the mosaic tiles, the ink is embedded into the surface, eliminating fading and peeling.

Customized Imagery – Mauell provides an expansive selection of graphics including legends, engravings and lines customized to customer specifications. Custom artwork can be produced by hand or using our large-format UV-curable ink-jet printer capable of photographic quality.

Bring Your Mosaic Panel to Life – Mauell can create panel cutouts in various sizes at any location within the mosaic mimic board. This enables us to install a variety of components, including LED and BCD displays, DLRs, clocks, etc.

Expandability is Easy – Mauell’s square and rectangular plastic tiles snugly snap into a plastic or metal grid system and can be changed on the-fly with minimal downtime. Layouts can be quickly modified to match updated system information by adding additional grid sections, tiles or dynamics.

Low Cost of Ownership after the initial installation – Maintenance and general upkeep of a mosaic map board is minimal. Dynamic components such as LED’s have a 100,000-hour life span and consume very little electric power compared to a video display systems.

Not only Mauell Mosaic Systems – Mauell GmbH has not been the only player on the mosaic panel market. Various other companies had also manufactured mosaic control panels but unfortunately seized production some years ago.

Mauell GmbH has developed an adapter system to install nearly any Mauell manufactured switch, indicator or other device into most, long obsolete mosaic control panels.

Our Unbeatable Experience – Mauell has been manufacturing mosaic map boards since 1961. Our highly-trained engineers and skilled craftsmen have the expertise and knowledge that can only come from being in the business for more than 50 years. Therefore, we are sure, we have a solution for you.

Mauell History

1957  Establishment of “Relais- und Feinwerkbau Essen Helmut Mauell”

1961  Patenting and Market Launch of mosaic type control panels

1972  Change of company name to “Helmut Mauell GmbH”

2002  First delivery of control desks and panels to NP Tianwan 1&2
In the following years deliveries to various NPPs
worldwide: Ling Ao (China), Ringhals, Forsmark, Oskarshamn (Sweden), Olkiluoto, Loviisa (Finland), Leibstadt, Beznau, Gösgen (Switzerland), Simulator Control Rooms for all German NPPs, …

2013  Take over by Bilfinger SE and change of company name to “Bilfinger Mauell GmbH”

2016  MBO by Bernhard Mecking and change of company name to “Mauell GmbH”

Nuclear Power Plants Control Rooms

We have the expertise and knowledge to design and manufacture custom control rooms for nuclear power plants for more than 20 years.

Every new nuclear power plant project has to meet specific seismic criteria’s depending on geographical location. Mauell GmbH has a database from previously manufactured control room components that can be used  for seismic analysis. If sufficient data is not available a actual seismic tests will be conducted using full size sheet metal control panels or control desks for evaluation and verification.

While nuclear power plants are very reliable and designed to operate for many years without incidents, nobody can ever predict the unforeseen. The accident or natural disaster at Fukushima, Japan, was a shocking example!  Due to this unfortunate event, Mauell GmbH has manufactured numerous emergency generator diesel control panels for many clients.

In April 1986, a catastrophic melt down occurred at the Chernobyl No. 4 nuclear reactor in the Ukraine. It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history!

Mauell GmbH has lately provided several mosaic display panels to monitor  the ongoing plant status.

Mauell GmbH is dedicated to provide the technology and service when ever needed!

Qualification of mosaic panels with seismic tests

Vibration test of a control desk (1 horizontal axis)

Critical Action Panels – CAP’s

Critical action panels (CAPs) are hardwired safety panels installed in control rooms of oil and gas platforms. They are used as redundant backup for safe shutdown in cases where software systems could fail.
High quality switches, indicators and digital meters from well-known manufacturers are being implemented to achieve “SIL” certification if required. All cables are halogen free and flame retardant.
Since no two projects are alike; Mauell GmbH is specialized to manufacture custom made steel enclosures.

Critical action panels (CAPs) :
Turn-key solutions including all internal cabinet wiring can be provided.
Some of the Norwegian oil and gas platforms are in service since the mid 1970’ and it became difficult to support those older CAP panels.
Mauell GmbH is capable to provide switches and indicators to be fitted into most obsolete Mosaic System CAP and F&G panels to extend the life time even further.

For more details regarding all products and services of Mauell GmbH send an email with your inquiry.

Mosaic Systems

MTS 24
Self-supporting grid system of very high rigidity and low weight for desk plates and mosaic panels of all sizes and with high component density. The grid system consists of cross-shaped and T-shaped elements, bolted together by means of spacers and screws. The grid segments are covered with tiles of 3 mm thickness or shaped tiles of 6.5 mm thickness. The grid system can be mounted into a circular or curved mosaic structures. The mosaic system is flexible and various structures can be made from the individual elements. The installation of various built-in devices is possible. Existing systems can be modified without any problems.

Mosaic System T
Self-supporting grid system of high rigidity and low weight for medium and large size mosaic panels with high component density. The grid segments are covered with tiles of 3 mm thickness or shaped tiles of 6.5 mm thickness. The grid system consists of modules connected by means of dovetail joints on the four exterior sides. The grid system can be mounted into a circular or curved mosaic structures.